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Your home should be comfortable and allow you to relax in a climate that offers cool summers and warm winters.  Air Max Go is your go-to source for brand new installations and unit upgrades for your existing evaporative cooling systems and there are numerous benefits that make Refrigerated air the best option for your cooling needs.  We are often contacted to dispose of an old evaporative cooler and replace it with a state-of-the-art Refrigerated air system. 

Benefits of completing this process include:

Greater Energy Efficiency

There was a time when evaporative cooling was the most efficient way to keep your home nice and cool.  Those units offered the type of efficiency that people wanted and could afford.  The difference between then and now is that Refrigerated air is far more affordable and offers a higher level of cooling and affordability than evaporative coolers simply will.  Keep your home nice and cool and keep your monthly utility bills small – a win for any homeowner looking to maximize the dollars spent on energy use each month.

Greater Cooling

When the temperature outside climbs to 90, 95, or 100 and more – your home is kept in total comfort and will keep everyone nice and cool. With refrigerated air – you can expect to effectively combat the extreme heat typically associated with the Southwest – triple digits are the norm and you deserve relief when spending time at home.  Evaporative coolers simply cannot meet the demand placed upon them by the grueling summer temperatures found in the City of the Crosses.

Why Choose Refrigerated Air Over the Swamp Cooler?

  • Refrigerated air is guaranteed to provide colder air than evaporative cooling
  • Maintain a consistent temperature on a year-round basis
  • Increased appraised value of your home is certain to increase
  • The amount of humidity does not affect the ability to cool on a consistent basis
  • Reduce allergens and filter the air in your home – reduce bugs, dust, and outside pollutants

Evaporative Cooling offers the following to its users

  • Produces moist air that can be hard to breathe
  • Doorways and walls become swelled with Evaporative Cooling
  • Items in your home can take on moisture and leave things feeling wet or sticky
  • High outside temperatures above 90 degrees make an Evaporative cooler highly ineffective

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