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Air Max Go is your go-to source for proper maintenance and repair of your commercial heating and ventilation system and we are the partner that can diagnose and correct those most common issues that could potentially impact the functionality of your unit.  Don’t wait to learn how Air Max Go can help your business – give us a call today and we can schedule a time to show you why our service and commitment to quality are exactly what your company deserves.

Commercial Grade – Maximum Comfort

Las Cruces is certainly known for crazy summer temperatures – the worst part is coming in from those summer baked heat to even more discomfort.  No one should have to escape the summer heat while in indoor surroundings.  Escape to a nice cool comfort and let Air Max Go connect you to a cooler summer season.  At Air Max Go, our primary goal is to fully equip your business with everything needed to easily enjoy the perfect indoor climate on a year-round basis.

Cool in the summer and comfortable in the fall and winter months.  Our technicians are fully certified and take great pride in the quick turnaround on your installation.  We focus on all the details to ensure you receive the highest level of service from start to finish.  We are fluent in both Spanish and English and we are ready to provide each client with outstanding service at the most competitive prices in town. 

Quality Maintenance and Repair Services

There might be those instances when your HVAC system malfunctions.  Air Max Go professionals are fully equipped to repair those more common issues that can have an impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating and cooling system.  In many instances our team of technicians find that dirty or clogged filters as the source of system issues.  Air Max Go recommends that filters are replaced four times per year to keep your system running at its peak best.

Another common issue our technicians find is refrigerant leakages that prevent the air from reaching that cool comfortable temperature normally seen with a refrigerated air system.  For those who have experienced issues with their system but did not experience any of those issues previously mentioned, symptoms can sometimes point to thermostat problems that fail to properly regulate the flow and continuity between temperature settings.

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